* Palm Reading
   $150 per hour

* House Energy Cleansing

* Mediumship

* Pet Readings

* Angel Cards

* Crossovers
   $100 per person

Crystal Healing

Reiki Healings
​   $300

and more 


* Private Hauntings
   Starting rate $200 (overnight $500)

* Missing Persons 

* Public Hauntings


* House Cleansing

* Seances
   $50 per person

* Business Abundance
   or anyother paranormal issue
     Must book to join our adventures

Palm Reading
Palm reading is a scientifically proven. The lines on your palm match the lines in your brain, so if you can change the way you think, you can change the lines on your palm which changes your destiny.

I can tell you in half an hour how old you will live, how much money you will obtain, wether you will marry, have children an more. 
Private Hauntings
Private Hauntings we will come to your home, scope each room for spirits, talk you through it of what is there and what their intentions are. We then speak to spirit, or go straight into extraction of spirit. 
Often it can take an hour or 2. If overnight we stay awake and use our electronics and mediumship.

You may join us in this or choose to not be there.  We will do a cleansing of your home to make sure there is new energy there for you.  
Reiki is a natural form of healing. We start by placing you in a chair, on massage table or stand, depending on what is needed.
Then we place our hands above or on you, depending how comfortable you feel about me placing my hands on you. Head, shoulders, tummy, hips, back, arms, legs, feet. This usually takes an hour. Angels often help by standing beside us. 
Business Fortune
We come to your place of business and get a feel of the energies in each room.
Then let you know what needs to be taken out moved around and done to improve your abundance. Spirit will guided us in this. 
Also we can change the energy in the area of where your business is placed.
​We leave you with an abundance bag and keep contact to see how your moving along. 
Angel Cards
With Angel cards I place 3 decks of cards out in front of you, you shuffle them and I lace them in an open stack.

​Once I have understood what they mean I then tell you in a way of your understanding. The cards are a way of you seeing what spirit are trying to show you. The cards are usually followed by mediumship. 
​​Missing Persons
With missing persons we work with you or who had last contact with that person. I like to take a sense of feeling, vision and knowing by holding a piece of their clothing, jewellery or objects.​​
I determine wether they are here on the other side. Also where they last walked and what they were doing.

The Crew chase up spirit leads and receive evidence. We ask for part payment to help with our accommodation, travel , fuel and food. Once they are found we then would ask for full payment. Each case is different. ​​
Other Adventures of Verena 
Verena has appeared as a Medium on the cruise ship "Golden Princess" in  Melbourne.  She has done an exorcism in an eposide with the Benchwarmers in Queensland on their radio show.  Also have done private readings for Keanu Reeves and some Australian actors and high profile people. 

Psychic Parties

  Are you looking for a party with a difference? 

Verena will come to your home or venue and do readings for a group or indeviduals.  15-20 minute readings for your guests.  You also get to play with the cards, pedulums, EMF, and more tools of her trade.   She will answer any questions about spirits.  The host will receive a free reading and free healing.  
Booked when a convenient time for them.

                 Spiritual Awakening Workshops

I will conduct a Spiritual Workshop from a Saturday 11am - 4pm & Sunday 11am-4pm once I have 8 people booked.  Verena has tought many groups through the years with great feedback and successful business people from this experience.  Some topics which are covered/taught are:

  • Jewellery reading
  • Photo reading
  • Aura reading
  • How to speak and listen to spirit
  • Educate you on the Clair sisters
  • Teach you how to use the tools of the trade ( Runes, pendulums,angel cards)
  • How to unlock your gifts and enhance them.
  • And more

Cost: $300 per person
Receive a Certificate
Last night activity to test your learning.
Lots of laughs along the way.


Hi Team YES , so blessed to be included in your search for dear wee William Tyrrell. MAGGIE is my name, I work as a Spiritual Life Coach helping many with day-to-day concerns in the way of guidance.  I find this a very non-threatening approach to the public. The channelling and spirit guidance is enhanced if my client is open and allows me to do so.  My life up till early thirties was just the normal working mum bringing up three children. Healing Reiki was the start to my now very strong connection to the work I have been chosen for.  I have the ability to feel, see and know, empathy, see visions like a play acting out and draw faces as they are shown by spirit.  What has become clear over time spirit gives me a missing person/child the minute I see the case, proven in other cases to be 100% correct which is truly amazing. ​

More on Maggie



 White Magic
Magic Happens Here
Magic Bags
Abundance bag $30
Love bag $20
Money bag $20
Gift Vouchers

Range from $150 +

White Spells

Free with booking
Y.E.S Crew Shirts 


Curse Breaking of Evil Eye


And much more