Below are some of the investigations into strange phenomenas and missing persons we have been involved and had great success in handling crucial information to police authorities.

 We were called as a Crew to a lovely family who were having trouble with spirits. We recieved a lot of   supernatural activity as you will see in video an pictures. 
On the right there is a picture we took at Ferris st, While lady on left sat there, a creature appeared next to her. I believe this creature came from overseas.
  Y.E.S Crew from day one of her murder were involved in her case. Though Karen contacting me and giving evidence of   her murder. ​​​​   Press button to see results.  
 I will never forget the day Willim's spirit came to see me.  The screams echo through my memory to this day.  He gave me many breadcrumbs to follow on finding his body and and his killer.​​   Press button see some our findings.

More on William Tyrell

Many people question our intentions!  We make no money from public missing persons. I do not ask for attention from spirit, they come to me. When I connected to William he made himself known.  I at that point, did not know who he was, only by looks. I was sitting on my computer as I usually do playing games (yes games!)  I had on my right hand corner a very large window facing the front of my place.  I heard the most terrifing noise of a small male child crying and screaming.  I looked over, there running past my window was a small boy with soft ginger/blonde hair. I thought it was my grandson (see picture with sunglasses) who was 3 at the time.  I ran to the door with my heart pounding.  I opened the door and there stood no-one.  I walked all around my home. No-one to be seen. He left as fast as he arrived!

I called my daugher to see if my grandson was OK.  She said they were at the Shopping Centre and assured he was fine.  With that I heard a thud on my door.  I went to open it.  There stood a little boy about 3 with big brown eyes and soft ginger/blonge hair.  He was spirit.  He kept saying "it's not mummy's fault. Can you please tell mummy".  I helped him calm down and this is when he gave me visions. 

Below are some of the visions shown to me.

  1. Round grass shaped lawn with palms half circle around it. (this is where he was taken)
  2. A wooden decking. (what he saw after passing)
  3. Citizens Community Club. (where the killer goes)
  4. Hard cover books.
  5. He was on the otherside/passed over.
  6. A blue jeep like car with light blue interior.( the killers car at the time)
  7. Where the car was after Will was taken. ( Garage with 4 doors and one was locked with car in it)
  8. A decking or small dock at the back of the river near a Citizen's Club. 
  9. A blue shed door. What the killer had at his shed)
  10. ​Cows can be seen from where his body lies at a distance, with gentle mountains( where William could see from where his body lays)
  11. Cemetary ( where he was last)
  12. The Murder The picture of abouve is close to what he looks like) He is related to many sex offenders in that area.
  13. A brown suitcase( its ols an small but looks like it would of belonged to the killers father)
  14. Old brown shoes the man wore most of the time, although he wore black on the dat he was taken)
  15. Floppy, poorly worn light brown pants, the man wore most days (like they were too big for him)
  16. Where the man worked in past as a mechanic.
  17. An axe/splitter.
  18. What the mans mother looked like. 
  19. A map of where little William now rests
  20. The man wore on the day he took Will, black shirt, black jeans and black shoes.
  21. The children, any children call him Uncle!  These are all the hints William and a lady spirit helped us with, we needed to put it all together like a jig saw

Press for real map
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
​​After a while we as a Crew had relized that William was showing us the last steps of their days leading upto him being taken, for him and the killer. I went with not who did it in mind but to find william, William had other plans. He needed to tell his own story. Tahts when the jig saw peices came together.

William had told me how he was taken, through the back of Kendall Cemetary and put inside a car.  He also said his body was 7 minutes away from where he was taken, on the right side of cemetery. Unfortunately William is on the otherside, past over. 
I can see how people may mistake William as being taken by many as a group, however it was one man and he has many pediphiles in his family and I feel Tony Jones is one of those family members.

William told me that his foster parents were fighting days leading up to the arrival at Kendall and that his foster mother and nana had not checked on him for at least 20 minutes.  He had been gone for at least 15 minutes before they noticed him missing.  William's sister had gone inside at that point.  He said his sister was kid-like and sometimes she was too grown up for her to play kids games.

​The road the killer took to place William started off as a large dirt road then become narrower the further in he went, to the point it was a foot walking track.

All the clues he gave led us to where the murderer hung out, where it all happened and where William was.  His body is on the left side of the map and cemetary.  I have never been to Kendall ever before and did not study anything before going. I would take a lie detector test for anything I say.  We can't do this on our own, together we can find him.

My only wish is that the police take Mediums serious.  I feel he will be found accidentlly by being stumbled upon.  Our hearts pray that we are wrong an he comes home.  Our prayers are with his families.​  I wished that we had more man power at that time on our side with this case.

Go to YouTube via William Tyrrell Y.E.S Crew to see our videos.  Warning that some video may be disturbing. 

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UPDATE: There  is infomation given by spirit that is coming in this month, Foster parents seperate, affair has been told to me.Then they no longer foster. The police get closer to finding the murderer, The man is in his late 30s to early 40s an living with his mother. he has 4x4. The mother gets her daughter or access.  Not long after the last inquest, William is found. There is a police officer or detective who has sat on important info, that come out. I still feel it is by accident he is found or fluck.