The Y.E.S Crew have been active for 19 years and are a dedicated team who support each other in homes and on the field.     
Verena the founder of the Y.E.S crew was lucky enough to be joined with Altina a very professional administrator and psychic, then followed by Brian who is also a psychic and expierenced cameraman.  Nothing is too silly or strange for us to hear in the world of paranormal. 

Verena has a working with childrens check, police check and has studied counselling and community services, psychology and has taught many people all about the paranormal realm. 
She has been working with people in every aspect for 50 years. 

I have developed the skills to feel spirits and often had dreams that have come true. Through my camera work, I have captured proof/evidence that the spirit world does exist and have changed people’s beliefs of the other side. I assist in the research and administration for the group as well has being behind the camera and using our paranormal equipment.

I was a sceptic at first but coming close to death a long time ago my curiosity of the spirit world intrigued me.  I have had some incredible paranormal experiences which has made me now open minded to many things. I have since developed a sense of smell with spirits around me and work closely with the group with the camera and paranormal gadgets.

Swan Hill Y.E.S Crew
Swan Hill Y.E.S Crew are now looking for another member to join them on their adventures. You must know the area and know how to take a photo or video. ​ The Swan Hill team have been on a haunting at the old Boga Motel, see our adventure in link.

The Y.E.S Crew are looking to expand, not just Swan Hill but other cities in Australia, so if you are passionate and love paranormal then join our Crew in your own town.   We will support you an join your adventures also.

​Contact Verena 

Helen is Verenas sister and has been in the Crew for a couple of years now.
She brings a gentleness an energy calming to the spirits.

Shell is a brave and strong force to the Crew, Shell has been part of the Crew for a couple of years also and is very curious which helps to go where no person goes. 

Y.E.S Crew Investigations

Some of the Crew's Previous Investigations

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Kew Asylum 
Kew Asylum has now been transformed into apartments. We were lucky to be invited in.  In the photo above we captured a mental health nurse from when it was an Asylum.
Pentridge Prison
The Y.E.S Crew stayed overnight.
in the Coburg Pentridge Prison D Division. We had many spirits contact us. A seance was held and we received messages from the dead.

Monte Cristo Homestead
Monte Cristo is a historic mansion located in the town of Junee N.S.W.
​We as a Crew had the opportunity to stay overnight alone in this very haunted building.

  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
Blur shape spirit man  coming out of the bush after verena
Larundel Mental Asylum
Built in 1953, once housed 750 patients until it's closure in 1999. It's buildings now stand derelict but we found many spirit energies that still walk it's corridors. 
Sunbury Asylum
Sunbury Lunatic Asylum first opened in October 1879 until 1985.  We communicated with a nurse in the nurse's quarters, heard of a little boy's experience and fate amongst many other stories and deep secrets.
Black Forest, Woodend
A spirit communicated with us and showed an area of where he was killed and buried.  Other spirits also surfaced and warned us to "go away" as we were being watched.  We walked into the grounds of what maybe a serial killer. 

Y.E.S Crew Footage & Youtube Video

Some of Our Guests of the Crew

If you are interested in joining our Crew as a Guest in our adventures, send us an email along with a photo and we will contact you.  As a guest , you get to come on adventures close to Melbourne or far from here, depending on what we are up to.
You will be safe and protected.  The fee is $50 per person. 

We are now advertising for one more Crew member to complete our Crew, the old saying of many hands make light work applies here. You dont need to be spiritually connected to the other side.  A must is that you have a passion for it , not curiosity! people with passion for this field tend to stay on.


To Help You Heal
To change the energy in your life
To Help You Advance
To boost your business with abundance
To Free You From Harm
To rid you of toxic curses, people , bad spirit and negitive energy