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  1. The Y.E.S CREW
    The Y.E.S Crew have been active since 2000 and have helped many families with unwanted spirits in their homes and spiritual attachments. We have also been on many hauntings from abandon buildings to private haunted properties. We come to your home and speak to spirit and find out their stories then help them crossover using paranormal equipment and mediumship. The Y.E.S Crew may stay an hour to overnight depending on the activity. Everything is kept confidential unless approved to be published. We have dealt with missing persons, evil eye/curses.
    I was born with the gift of mediumship. I do palm reading, angel cards and more. With 40 years experience, I have helped many lives find direction and many souls communicate with spirit through Mediumship.
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Vee does Skype, FB video calls,phone readings, in person, and can travel to you

We have helped cultures, many business people, famous people and more

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